Are You Traveling for the Holidays?

At Stahlsac, the pursuit of adventure is at the heart of everything we do. Just like you, we’re always chasing the next mission, journey or exploration to not only connect with the outdoors, but with the ones we care about. 

For much of our history, travel and exploration has led us to make better products and find new innovations to enable you to go farther without sacrificing the amenities and gear that you’ll need along the way. 

From our drizzle- and splash-proof Storm Backpack to the immense and accommodating Caicos Cargo Pack, our bags are designed to support you in your endeavors and keep up with the conditions you’ll encounter along. 

But in a year like 2020, is it a good idea to travel? Especially during the holidays? The truth is, everyone’s situation is different, but that said, if you must travel during the holiday season, there are some common sense steps you can take to bring down your risk and mitigate the potential risk of those you care about. 

At the end of the day, one of the best things you can do is what we all love doing anyway: playing outside. The data show that your risk for getting Covid-19 goes up dramatically the more time you spend in confined indoor spaces. So this year, if possible, keep your holiday exploits outside, and near home! 

According to the CDC’s website, your best bet is to limit your exposure to other people as much as possible, especially from those outside your household. 

If you must use public transit such as air travel or buses/trains, be sure to wear a mask and social distance as much as possible. Also, be aware of any restrictions the destination you’re traveling to has in place. 

If your destination is only a few hundred miles away, consider driving as opposed to other forms of transportation that will put you in contact with a greater number of people. When stopping for gas, limit your exposure and again, social distance as much as possible. 

If you must travel in any capacity, be sure to review the CDC’s recommendations, listed below: 

Editor’s Note: Sometimes the best adventures are the ones in your own backyard. Is there a new dive site you’ve been meaning to explore within striking distance? Well, perhaps it’s time to check it out! And if you need a little help, the Stahlsac Smuggler is the perfect go-to roll bag for the weekend warrior. With plenty of stow space and pocketry designed for all of your essentials, the Smuggler can help you tackle any adventure, from socially distanced holiday, to your next long-awaited diver road trip. And BTW: from Black Friday through December 31, you can get 25% off, so no matter where you end up, it’s probably time to Smuggle Up for the Holidays!

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