Life Gets Meshy: Gear Up With Stahlsac Mesh Bags

Mud, sand, grime and grit—sometimes, adventures get meshy—but with Stahlsac Mesh Bags, you can too.   

After all, the road leads to some unexpected places, conditions shift quickly and what was once a firm trail quickly morphs into clay oblivion. Likewise, what started as a pleasant tropical morning can kick up into a drenching monsoon in the blink of an eye. 

That’s what it means to adventure. To be prepared for anything. This need for go-anywhere, anytime readiness is why we designed our mesh bags and duffels to stand up to the harshest conditions and adventures. 

Tough, durable, snag-resistant nylon is the foundation of every mesh bag and mesh duffel we produce, meaning that it can go as hard as you do, even in rough and varied terrain. From dock, to lost trail, to liveaboard dive deck, the synthetic mesh weave endures through the worst exposures to saltwater, sun and gritty sand, time after time.  

Stahlsac Mesh Backpacks 

Built intentionally big to accommodate your oversized dive or snorkel kit, our mesh bags and mesh duffels fit your whole adventure, so you can load up and crush your objectives quickly and easily. 

All of our mesh backpacks include an ultra-sturdy PVC bottom that welcomes being tossed around dive boats, truck beds or wherever your mission might take you. 

Additionally, our Bonaire and Panama Mesh Backpacks include an extra stash pocket for your loose accessories and extra-padded straps so lugging the heavy load won’t wear out your shoulders. 

And just in case you need to keep something dry, the Bonaire is equipped with a built-in roll-top dry compartment for stowing your phone, towel or other water-sensitive items. 

Stahlsac Mesh Duffels

Great for lugging gear to and from your favorite dive site or boat deck, Stahlsac’s Mesh Duffels make for a great compliment to your fun in the water. 

Similar to the mesh backpacks, our duffels are built from heavy duty, snag-resistant mesh and include 420-denier nylon packcloth-reinforced bottoms and sides. 

All duffel models are super durable and are a uniquely great size for transporting fins—especially for free diving. A sturdy #10 Y.K.K zipper stands up to abuse and a zippered supplemental accessory pocket holds your phone, wallet, keys, dive computer and other on-the-go essentials.

We’re Not Meshing Around

We know you’re not meshing around, and neither are we. Built through the wisdom and experience of traveling the world, we’ve engineered our mesh bags and mesh duffels to withstand any condition, and any challenge.

We at Stahlsac invite you to throw your worst at your mesh bag and watch it pass the test of time and endure your hard-charging aquatic adventures, one sufferfest or epic at a time. We believe in our Stahlsac mesh bags, and we know that you will, too. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get meshy.

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