wet / dry system

Your whole adventure—in one bag.

Some things just aren’t meant to be together. Your soaked wetsuit has no place next to your dry travel kit. Your sopping-wet board shorts have no business saturating your camera, wallet, gear and clothing. We know that in your life, what you do before and after the meeting is what defines you most. That’s why Stahlsac engineered the WET/DRY system: so you can combine all the facets of your lifestyle—from active, to professional, to adventure travel—all under one zipper.

WET/DRY engineering is all about keeping your travel kit fresh. Because sometimes, adventure happens on the way to the airport and there’s no time to throw your stuff in the dryer. By integrating a water-resistant chamber—built-in—for all of your damp gear, our Steel line of durable bags and luggage let you stow electronics, dry clothes, wallet and travel documents alongside your still-wet surf or dive kit—just a membrane away.

From beach to concourse. From wetsuit to business suit.

Your whole adventure, in one bag.

“As a dive professional in the photo and video space, I’m always on the go, often with a lot of damp, wet gear. I love the WET/DRY system because it lets me pack up my kit and get moving to the next trip or assignment. Whether I’m filming salmon in a river canyon or travelling the BC coast collecting data in and out of the water, this bag lets me manage my gear—and still have a dry T-Shirt at the end of the day.”

– Max Hohn

Photographer and Filmmaker

Stahlsac Ambassador

Your Kit. On the Go.

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