Roll with us

Carrying your travel bags is a pain. You just flew halfway around the world with your scuba gear, and the last thing you want to do is lug your heavy kit down the concourse, through the marina and along the pier.

Fortunately, the days of manual labor hauling a cumbersome, non-wheeled duffel bag are over. Instead, trust us to do the heavy lifting and adopt a premium travel dive bag, from Stahlsac.

Maybe you’re jet setting for a quick excursion and need a weekender bag? Or perhaps you’ve set an ambitious itinerary and need a bigger piece of travel luggage to stow your scuba gear. Either way, roll with us on your next adventure.

Wheeled For Your Comfort

Our durable, reinforced wheeled travel bags and luggage are designed with specialized compartments for your gear. Whether seeking the convenience and cavernous stow-capacity of our legendary Dive Bag line, or want a piece of luggage that can support your amphibious pursuits on a rolling basis, like the Steel Line, we’ve got you all zipped up.

Pack, Zip and Roll to Your Next Adventure

It’s the night before leaving on a dive trip and you’ve got all of your scuba gear laid out in front of you. Packing your dive kit used to be a chore, but your Stahlsac Dive Bag features dive-specific pocketry for fins and wetsuits, tons of smaller zippered compartments for regs and computers, and a huge, compression-strapped main compartment to stow everything else.

Port to port, dock to dock, dive to dive—bring it all with the Dive Luggage Line.


You just finished your last dive of the day, and it’s time to head back to harbor. After peeling off your wetsuit, you ring it out, but it’s still dripping. With any other bag, you’d be forced to choose between your week’s worth of dry clothes or carrying your damp wetsuit by hand, but with a Steel dive bag, you can pack your soaked and dry items side by side via our exclusive WetDry Technology.

Don’t let your still-wet gear slow you down. Instead, pack, zip and roll to your next adventure.


You love being in the water. That’s why we designed our mesh bag line to reliably carry all of your soaked equipment. Enclosed travel bags and rucksacks hold moisture and produce mildew. For the sake of your kit (and your return-flight neighbor), don’t let that happen to your gear.

Instead, breathe easy with the mesh line’s heavy duty, snag-resistant mesh and 420 denier nylon packcloth-reinforced bottom and sides. Chasing adventure isn’t always a feeble activity, so why should your dive bag be?

sac up and go

Getting wet is part of the fun. After all, chasing aquatic thrills and adventures is what we all have in common. That said, the last thing we would want is for your dive bag to slow you down. That’s why Stahlsac created its Storm line of waterproof dry bags and dry sacs. From river to ocean. From splash, spray, to full immersion, Stahlsac’s Storm line lets you GO ANYWHERE.