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One bag; so many uses.

What is so great about a mesh bag?  They are underappreciated, yet used all the time.  They are perfect for transporting wet gear, keeping the sand at the beach, and even stowing underwater treasures and trash while diving.  Check with any experienced diver or watersport junkie and you will find a mesh bag in their gear kit.  All in all, the mesh bag is how you get the things you need to places so you can do the things you love.

If you are looking for a bag to hold all your tiny jewelry or mini screws or something, well, a mesh bag is probably not the best choice.  However, if you are going for a day at the beach, on a dive trip, or even to the grocery store… you have found the right bag.

Sand, water, mud, is dirt is no match for this simple, yet strong bag.  There are so many uses for a mesh bag, why wouldn’t you need one?


  • On a dive boat, keep your gear safely stowed under the bench.
  • When going on a dive trip, toss one into your luggage to haul gear between the hotel and boat.
  • Use them as a dunk bag when rinsing your gear.
  • Stay organized. Have you ever dug into your bag to find only one glove?  Keep your gear organized with smaller mesh bags.
  • Use it at the beach, and leave the sand where it belongs.
  • Good for keeping small pool and beach toys together.
  • Use them as a dunk bag when rinsing your gear.
  • Keep one in your BC pocket for unexpected ocean treasures.
  • Don’t leave fishing line and trash on the beach or reef. Collect these items with a mesh bag.  #saveourseas.
  • The perfect laundry or gym bag.
  • We’ve been known to use them as grocery bags instead of those plastic ones.
  • We could go on and on!


Where to Buy


Mesh Backpack:

It provides enough room for a complete set of cold-water gear, including a drysuit. It includes a small outer pocket for smaller items, built-in dry pocket for personal items, and full-length side zipper for easy access to dive gear.


Mesh Duffle Bags:

Simple, rugged, easy

Mesh duffles offer easy access to gear, rugged design and are easy to carry.  They are perfect for stowing gear under the bench of the dive boat.  They pack small, so they are perfect for tossing into the luggage when packing for a dive trip.



  • Tough, snag-resistant polyester mesh that won’t crack or tear.
  • Reinforced 420 Denier nylon bottom/sides.
  • Dimensions 13″ x 13″ x 36”.

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Did you just realize you were missing a key component in your gear locker?  Or maybe you’ve used and abused your bag and are ready to replace it with a new one?  Visit your local BARE retailer or click her to order one today.
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